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Posted by Gez on Friday 21st March, 2008 @ 21:34 PM
The comments have just undergone a much needed cleanup, so feel free to post there
without me completely ignoring you from now on ;).

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1. By Anaikh on 02/04/08 @ 15:36 PM
I am having problems with my swat 4 .
It doest not save my settings now!every time i close it,it automatically comes back
to default .so that i have to change my settings and controls each time i play swat.
please tel a solution

2. By hello on 06/04/08 @ 18:04 PM
I have a problem when i play online i get in the middel a critical error and it
closes but i can have a day that it dose not happen please help Shadow

3. By Gez on 22/04/08 @ 22:16 PM
Anaikh, I would check that your SWAT4.ini (in the Content folder) is not set to READ
ONLY. If it is, then SWAT 4 will not be able to save any settings.

hello, could you post what your critical error is?

4. By Franco on 29/04/08 @ 15:01 PM
Hi Gez , thank you for all good works you did already , but does exist a SS admin mod
, and where can i find it ?
Thank you

5. By Franco on 30/04/08 @ 12:41 PM
we tried the admin V13 for SS but we were unabled to go in WA pannel , thanks Gez
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