Admin Mod V22

Uploaded by Gez on Thursday 22nd March, 2007 @ 21:50 PM
Here it is, probably the last version ever (or at least until I'm not so busy):
  • Added kick ac gettempbans
  • Added time parameter for kick ac addban
  • Added time parameter for kick ac kickban
  • Added IgnoreSpammingAdmins variable
  • Added IgnoreSpammingSuperAdmins variable
  • Added OnlyAdminsKickForRoom variable
  • Added MaxPlayingClients variable
  • Added ReservedSlots variable
  • Added VIPKillActionKills variable
  • Added a cheats message
  • Allowed usage of all functions without a key
  • Fixed a bug with muted players’ kills not appearing in the chat box
  • Fixed a bug with the webadmin not working without a mod key
  • Fixed a bug with the webadmin playerlist with players using html symbols in their name
  • Fixed a bug with players muted with forcemute not working
  • Fixed a mistake in the readme history stating ‘kick ac forceunmute’ was a command.
  • Replaced ForceLessLethalVIPKillers with VIPKillAction
  • Removed DisableModMessage variable
  • Removed ShowHeader variable

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